New commentary on the Austrian Stock Corporation Act

Elke Napokoj and Michaela Pelinka, partners at bpv Huegel in Vienna, together with Heinrich Foglar-Deinhardstein, partner at CERHA HEMPEL Rechtsanwälte, have published a practical commentary on the Austrian Stock Corporation Act in the renowned publishing house LexisNexis.

4 May 2020. The commentary offers a comprehensive overview of the Austrian Stock Corporation Act and answers in particular current questions of stock corporation law from the practice. Of course, the work also includes a compact presentation of current case law and literature on stock corporation law.

The changes brought about by AktRÄG 2019 (implementation of the 2nd Shareholders’ Rights Directive) are taken into account, as well as Austrian and significant parts of German literature and case law. Topics of particular practical relevance are analysed separately and presented in a way that is understandable to the legal practitioner.

Written by practitioners for practitioners, the commentary has been prepared with high scientific stand-ards and represents a perfect companion through the everyday life of corporate law, even in complex issues! The work is aimed at the legal practitioner and is intended to provide valuable assistance in his or her daily advisory work.

The following authors have written a valuable contribution and, in addition to the publisher, we would like to express our thanks: Aburumieh Nora, Adensamer Nikolaus, Aichhorn-Wöss Stefanie, Arnold Stefan, Bertsch Philipp, Breisch Maximilian, Brogyanyi Christoph, Dollenz Florian, Edelmann Ulrich, Ettmayr Wendelin, Fichtinger Wolfgang, Foglar-Deinhardstein Andreas, Foglar-Deinhardstein Heinrich, Gamaul Philipp, Gaug Stefan, Glas Volker, Gratzl Martin, Hartig Jakob, Hoppel Sabrina, Hörlsberger Mirjam, Hügel Verena, Kienast Hartwig, Kraus Sixtus Ferdinand, Lanschützer Clemens, Lind Christian, Lukic Sebastian, Mitterecker Johannes, Napokoj Elke, Pelinka Michaela, Posani Maria, Pukel David, Reiter Christoph, Rieder Bernhard, Schimka Matthias, Schörghofer Paul, Simonishvili Zurab, Sindelar Wolfgang, Spendel Fabian Clemens, Sternig Maximilian, Weber Kathrin, Weigand Arno, Zwirchmayr Michael.

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