Juve: Excellent review of bpv Huegel´s dispute resolution practice

25 November 2019


“Due to its professional depth, bpv Huegel is regularly in demand in litigation in several special areas, in particular in corporate, tax and antitrust law. The decision made a few years ago to establish a specialised dispute resolution practice around Dr. Florian Neumayr, which bundles litigious cases, has paid off. The firm’s market presence has taken advantage of this, because recently, for example, a machine manufacturer specifically called in the firm in a process of strategic importance. The increased involvement in arbitration proceedings is also noteworthy. For Dr. Florian Gibitz, this has now become a clear focus alongside M&A.”

Strengths: Close integration of litigation and arbitration activities with antitrust, tax and corporate law practices.

Often recommended: Dr. Florian Neumayr (Litigation/Arbitration)

Focal points: Litigation representation for Austrian and international clients industrial companies, in particular in the follow-up to M&A transactions and antitrust proceedings as well as in commercial disputes, tax disputes and arbitration proceedings.