First hand expert know how: Update & Special Issues in Antitrust Law – partners of bpv Huegel lecture

Top-notch practical advice and update on developments at national & European level. Florian Neumayr and Gerhard Fussenegger, bpv Huegel, will lecture on antitrust law on 16 and 17 June 2021.

For many years, bpv Huegel has been organising a leading seminar on antitrust law together with Business Circle. Florian Neumayr, Co-Managing Partner, will again chair the seminar. Further renowned speakers are René Plank, LL.M. from the EU Commission, Luca Schicho, LL.M. and Anastasios Xeniadis, LL.M. both from the Federal Competition Authority.


  • Antitrust Law

Prohibition of cartels and the market abuse prohibition as well as merger control and their application in the light of numerous practical case studies.

16 June 2021 | 9.00 – 18.00

The programme | Legal framework and “players”

  • 1st pillar: The cartel prohibition in practice
  • Case studies regarding antitrust law (in the narrow sense)
  • Proceedings: enforcement of antitrust law in practice
  • 2nd pillar: The market abuse prohibition in practice
  • Case Studies regarding market dominance
  • 3rd pillar: Merger control in practice


  • Update & special issues in antitrust law

Focus: National & European developments
Latest developments in antitrust practice & updates on dawn raids

17 June 2021 9.00 – 17.00

The programme

  • Enforcement focus dawn raids
  • Additional powers for the competition authorities under the ECN+ Directive
  • Important recent antitrust decisions
  • The most important recent decisions of the EU Commission and European Courts
  • FCA’s Fairness Catalogue “Position on Compliant Corporate Conduct”


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