Lecture: Participation in start-ups from the viewpoint of investors

Seminar | 24th November 2017, Vienna

Elke Napokoj and Michaela Pelinka, both partners at bpv Hügel, will present as a part of the Business Circle-series „M&A – opportunities in the current market environment” on 24 November 2017 about participations in start-ups.

Since 2011, the number of start-ups in Austria has risen steadily and passed the limit of 40.000 in 2016. The participation in start-ups involves specific challenges, which are not always comparable with the M&A business of well-established companies.

This seminar explains what it takes to participate in start-ups from a legal point of view and you will also get valuable tips for contract arrangement.

A good understanding between the financier and the company is the essential requirement of a good cooperation.

Since the legal basis has been created, from the point of view of the investor, ongoing reporting, a logical business plan as well as a well-balanced cashflow planning are of fundamental importance.

In addition to financing by private financiers, public subsidies also have an important part to play.

Receive practical advice from a financier and funding agencies for successful arrangement in future.

Elke Napokoj (academic leadership) and Michaela Pelinka will present about contractual design of venture capital financing / equity financing and shareholder agreements.

Other speakers are Herwing Springer (CEO and managing partner of i5invest), Johannes Raidl (partner at i5invest) and Christian Stein (head of the department equity capital at Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws)).

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