The Practitioners‘ Guide to Applied Comparative Law and Language: Antitrust-Team contributes the Austrian chapter

Astrid Ablasser-Neuhuber and Florian Neumayr, partners at bpv Huegel, have contributed a chapter on Austrian antitrust law to The Practitioners‘ Guide to Applied Comparative Law and Language (formerly known as Anglo-American, eds. Heidinger/Hubalek), published by LexisNexis.

The work provides an overview of 19 areas of American law and a comparative presentation of the corresponding areas of German and Austrian law. An introduction to Austrian antitrust law begins with an overview of relevant legal developments and the competent authorities. The chapter proceeds with a more detailed discussion of the laws governing cartels, abuse of a dominant position, and merger control. The chapter then concludes with a summary of possible penalties for violating the laws.

The contribution builds off the uniquely international profile of bpv Huegel’s antitrust group, which includes team members like Kajetan Rozga, a former US antitrust enforcer and practitioner, who are licensed and experienced in practicing in Austria, the USA, and before EU institutions.

Written by practitioners in a clear and accessible format, the chapter provides a strong foundation for in-house counsel and practitioners already familiar with American law who are looking for a quick and easy-to-understand guide to Austrian competition law and practice.