Seminar series on antitrust law – planned and supervised by Florian Neumayr, bpv Hügel

Seminar | 22 & 23 November 2017, Vienna

Florian Neumayr, antitrust and dispute resolution partner at bpv Hügel, spearheads the Business Circle seminar series on antitrust law. On 22 November, the series starts with the seminar “antitrust in practice” organised by Federal Cartel Prosecutor Dr. Alfred Mair and Dr. Florian Neumayr . On 23 November, an update follows – focusing particularly on the key topic “Cartel Act amendment 2017”. Further nenowned speakers are Dr. Philip Kienapfel, European Commission, Dr. Nikolaus Schaller (Cartel Court, Vienna) and Dr. Luca Schicho und Dr. Anastasios Xeniadis (both Federal Competition Authority).

Antitrust law sets limits; it also offers opportunities. To be aware of them is decisive in order to choose the right ways of  action and to avoid antitrust law infringements. There is not only the threat of fines, but also one of private damages claims.

The spectrum of topics of the “antitrust practical seminar” contains: “cartel prohibition” in practice and exemplary cases of the 1st pillar (antitrust law in the narrow sense); proceedings: enforcement of antitrust law in practice; the “market abuse prohibition” in practice and exemplary cases of the 2nd pillar (market abuse) as well as merger control in practice.

The “update” touches upon the enforcement focus dawn raids, most important antitrust decisions in recent times – Austrian as well as European Antitrust Law: The most important decisions by the EU Commission and European Courts, Cartel and Competition Amendment Act 2017 – the most significant developments triggered by the amendment, which entered into force in May 2017 (Cartel Damages Directive and private enforcement in Austria, key topics in proceedings, emprovement of public enforcement, experience with the new legislation).