Digital Conference | blockchain-REAL 2021: The Blockchain in the Life Cycle of Real Estate

Digital Conference | Thursday, 24 June 2021
9:00 – 17:00

“Blockchains” as the topic of a digital conference of the Linde Verlag on 24 June 2021 with the expertise of bpv Huegel:

Until now, it was assumed in many industries that the technical phenomenon of blockchain, which is omnipresent in the financial industry, was only specific to transaction with cryptocurrency. The fact that this is not the case, and that blockchain technologies also have many possible fields of applications, particularly, in the real estate sector, will be discussed from different perspectives at the conference “blockchain-REAL 2021 – The Blockchain in the Life Cycle of Real Estate”.

Our partner Dr. Sonja Dürager has been dealing with new technologies and their impact in everyday legal life for a long time. She is therefore looking forward to discussing the relevance of smart contracts to real estate transactions and the possibilities of optimally integrating them into contract law processes.


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