bpv Huegel partner Andrea Zinober attended IBA’s 4th European Automotive and Mobility Services Conference

Some Key – Takeaways

Back from a IBA’s 4th European Automotive and Mobility Services Conference in Munich, read the key takeaways from our partner Andrea Zinober from this phantastic event in the Automotive Industry:

  • New market players from Asia, such as lifestyle and motor vehicle manufacturers from China presented insights to their product development and distribution systems.
  • Well established traditional manufacturers in a new approach combine classic dealership systems with agency systems in several markets, providing for a new way of customer connection and cost sharing.
  • Focus of participants on the impact of Environmental, Social and Governance Standards (ESG): For OEMs, sustainability is an inevitable top priority for the top management.
  • CO2 neutrality is a necessity and a long-term goal for all participants in the market.
  • Discussion on changes electric vehicles and charging facilities bring for suppliers as well as the influence of AI and the use of data for safety management systems and its benefits for passengers and participants in traffic.